Airdrop Phase 3

6 million tokens
3000 winners
Airdrop start: 1 May 10 am
Airdrop end: 10 May
Distribution: 1 June

Airdrop Steps:

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Follow our Instagram and Twitter Account


Join our Telegram Channel and Group


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Retweet Pinned Post on Twitter


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Submit you BSC wallet Address

Airdrop FAQ

These are the most frequently asked questions about LINO Airdrop. Please join our Telegram group if you have other questions.

01.When will I receive my tokens from the airdrop event?

Tokens will be distributed on the announced airdrop event end dates.

02. I can’t see my tokens in my wallet. Where are they?

Please check if you have added LINO into your wallet correctly, This is the Contract Address: 0x9d86f16a4fe1cc43a6db44ec993e8dfe568ce985 and the decimal is: 18 , you can also check your wallet Transactions in

03. Why didn’t I receive tokens from the airdrop?

Tokens are distributed to the lottery winners, at the announced end date of the airdrop event. List of the lottery winners are announced here. Stay tuned for the next round of airdrop in case you did not win this time.

04. Do I need to stay in Telegram group of Linotoken?

Yes, you will need to stay in order to get the relevant updates on the status and progress of the airdrop event.

05. When is the last day to claim my Lino token from the previous Airdrop event?

Lino tokens will be loaded in your wallet if your wallet is selected in the lottery, you don’t need to do anything to claim your reward.

06. How do I claim airdrop Tokens?

Simply click here and start the procedure by clicking on the start button.Follow through the assigned tasks to qualify for lottery entry. You will be entitled to receive free Lino tokens by the end of the airdrop event if you have been selected as the lottery winner. Note that if you are a lottery winner, Lino tokens shall be loaded in your wallet and no further action shall be required from you.

07. Is there a referral system?

Yes! Our airdrop BOT will provide you with a personal referral link, you can share it with your friends and further claim your reward

The Airdrop BOT will send you your link after you completed the tasks

09. Where do I find the airdrop form?

There is a bot:

10. I get the error “Not Joined Telegram Group”

You should join our group and channel,

11. How many lino tokens do I get from the airdrop?

In case you are selected at the airdrop lottery, you will earn 2000 Lino tokens along with an extra 20 per referred person.